Support from the Harpur Trust

We remain grateful to the Harpur Trust for their generous and ongoing support and funding. The grants we have received from the Harpur Trust over the last eight years have enabled us to continue to grow and develop our Music 4 Memory services.

Music 4 Memory gives people affected by dementia opportunities to remain creative, to find a means of expression and to be active and valued members of a dynamic and encouraging community. Led by qualified and experienced Music Therapists and supported by a team of dedicated volunteers we are proud to deliver this quality suite of services offering community sessions as well as small group and individual work.

Music 4 Memory provides a safe space to find expression and resolution of a range of emotions, many of which cannot be expressed through words. Music 4 Memory offers a shared experience and nurtures a strong community bond based on mutual understanding and deep respect. Through performance opportunities we are able to share with a wider community the joy, energy, fun and hope we experience when we come together in music and the transformative and healing power that this can have on our everyday lives.

The continued support of the Harpur Trust through 2021 will enable us to continue to provide Music 4 Memory through zoom and hopefully in a face to face setting, as well as developing other community and wellbeing projects. The support of the Harpur Trust will ensure that we continue to help local people affected by dementia to live the best lives they can as part of a connected community.

Harpur Trust