Welcome to Tibbs Dementia Foundation

Tibbs Dementia Foundation is a beacon of hope and support, dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with dementia, and their carers, in Bedfordshire. Inspired by the pioneering work of Margaret-Anne Tibbs and her over 35 years of dedication to dementia care and research, our charity is committed to challenging stereotypes and fostering an environment where every person is seen, heard, and valued beyond their diagnosis.

What We Do

At Tibbs Dementia Foundation, we provide services designed to support both individuals with dementia and their family carers. From pre-diagnosis to end-stage dementia, our approach is holistic, aiming to enhance cognitive, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Our services include Music Therapy, Cognitive Stimulation, physical activities, information and Peer Support.

We strive to reduce isolation, improve the quality of life, and support people in living as well as they can with dementia within their communities. Through partnerships and innovative projects like Music 4 Memory and Hear and Now, we leverage the power of music and creativity to connect and enrich lives. Our efforts are aimed at building a genuinely dementia-friendly community, where everyone’s contribution is acknowledged and celebrated.

Join Us

Explore our services, get involved, or donate today to help us continue making a difference. Together, we can create a world where every person with dementia lives the best life possible. Contact us to learn more or view our service timetable for opportunities to connect and participate.


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