Dementia Hidden Art Exhibition

Phill Watmough (Dementia Artist) is a valued member of the Tibbs Dementia community.

We had the exciting opportunity to support him to exhibit his work in the beautiful surroundings of St Paul’s Church in Bedford in July 2022.

Phill’s abstract work is vibrant, colourful and full of energy and optimism and this shone through as he exhibited over 100 of his favourite pieces. We also displayed work from other members of the Tibbs community and work created at our art and craft and Activitea group.

The exhibition opened with a special and poignant preview concert featuring Tibbs Dementia Foundation’s Music 4 Memory, when we joined together connecting through music, song and dance before informally viewing the exhibition.

For many people a diagnosis of dementia will be perceived as a series of losses and perhaps a retreat into the self. At Tibbs Dementia Foundation we have experienced that through the creative arts many can find a new means of expression, an opportunity to learn and enjoy new skills and talents and to have opportunities to remain engaged and active citizens with a great deal to offer and contribute. We hope that this exhibition reflected this as we celebrated the contributions and creativity of our dementia community.

We are grateful to St Paul’s Church, Bedford for their warm welcome and for generously sharing this beautiful and peaceful space and hosting this unique and life affirming exhibition.

Dementia Hidden Art

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