Music 4 Memory

Music 4 Memory

A warm welcome awaits you at our weekly Music 4 Memory (M4M) groups for people with dementia and their families and/or carers living in Bedford and surrounding areas. We sing songs old and new, dance, play instruments and share favourite poems, supported by a fantastic team of volunteers. Information and practical/emotional support is always available.

Jeni and Sarah Gave a TEDx talk, watch it here:

TEDx Talk-Music 4 Memory

M4M is facilitated by Jeni Melia, a qualified Music Therapist (MA, HSPC AS13861)

Therapeutic principles of M4M:
The following are the most important principles of the group:
1. All contributions are valid Whether vocal, physical or silent, your presence in the circle is valued. You may be someone who likes to get involved straight away, or perhaps you prefer to observe.
2. There is no 'wrong' way Conventional rights and wrongs do not apply at M4M. For Example: If someone needs to stand up and walk around at any point, this is absolutely encouraged, and may well inspire a dance. If someone suddenly has something to say or begins to sing a different song half way through another, this can be used to move the session in a new direction.
3. Musical perfection is not an aim! We hope to create an environment that invites, stimulates, motivates and empowers you, bringing together and celebrating our diverse qualities and experiences.

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Since 2009 Music 4 Memory has been at the heart of a unique intergenerational project call Hear and Now, supported by the Philharmonia Orchestra and Orchestras Live. Read more